Advancing in Dance – 4 Tips to Take Your Dance Technique to the Next Level

Practice makes perfect. A concept many of us believe. In dance, if you have tried to execute the same technique time and time again, without achieving the desired results, you might be doing something wrong. If so, it is essential to analyze which parts of the routine you are rehearsing are incorrect.

Finding ways to improve your performance and your dancing techniques is possible. You need to implement the right tactics and have the right mindset on improving. These are some of the various ways you can take your dancing techniques to the next level.

Selecting The Right Teacher

In both your professional career and personal life, there will be people that you get on well with and others that you will not. The same applies to teaching. There will be teachers that you can learn from. They will help you excel, whilst others might limit you. However, neither is a reflection of you as a student or them as a teacher.

When picking the right teacher, have a clear understanding of what qualities you need them to have. To find the best mentor for you, attend classes, workshops, listen to the advice they give, and ask questions. Be open to alternative ideas but know what your interests are. Dance teachers are there to provide you with helpful advice. They will give you the tools to further improve your knowledge of dance, and not interfere with your natural abilities.

With the right teacher supporting you, they will help to elevate your performance abilities to the next level. Additionally, they will offer you the support and tools needed to help you grow as a dancer.

Practice In The Right Space

Rehearsing at home can be a convenient choice for many dancers. It allows them to practice and try techniques that they may not have felt comfortable attempting had they been in a dance studio.

For others, being in a dance studio, having the proper flooring and the mirrors to watch themselves perform is what they use to help them improve. The only downside for some with practicing in a dance studio is that their only chance is during a dance class.

If you prefer a professional setting to practice in, look to find a local dance studio that will allow you to rent the space. Practicing your routines and working on your techniques in a dance studio, can allow you to focus on your performance and limit any distractions by any outside influences.

Film Your Rehearsals

The mirrors that line the walls of countless dance studios can be helpful when you practice, there are often aspects that you might miss. If you are unsure about any elements of your dance technique to improve on, consider filming your rehearsals. You can either set up your phone to record your practice or ask your teacher to film you as you perform. Afterward, you can watch the performance back, clearly noticing areas that can do with improvement, which you may not have realized previously.

In addition to this, show the video to your dance teacher. They can also share with you their opinion and offer advice on how to improve your technique. Hearing their expert opinion about areas you should focus on to improve, can help you to elevate your performance.

Set Yourself Goals

To rapidly improve your dancing skills, is setting yourself a goal to aim for. The target could be anything from a performance at a dance studio to how you place in a competition. Regardless of the goal, setting yourself a target will keep you motivated with your daily practice as it is something you are aiming to achieve.

Take Time To Fully Recover

After strenuous rehearsals, take enough time to recover and ensure that you are eating healthily. Having a good night’s sleep will help to revitalize every human function. During this time, your body will do its repair work. Fully recovering includes taking time off from practicing. To be better, you have to take care of your body, which means taking time off. Instinctively, we assume that we must continue to practice every moment of the day, pushing ourselves to the limit. However, this mindset over time will cause the body to be too depleted to function.

The Bottom Line

Combining these strategies with a positive outlook on your performance, can all be beneficial to you and your ability to improve your dance techniques. Learning new dance techniques, different genres of dance, or even committing to perfect your stretching can sound intimidating. All these factors can be goals you set yourself. You can use time in a dance studio to practice and ask the guidance of your dance teacher to help you succeed. Ultimately, give yourself credit when you do accomplish these goals. It was your focus and commitment which will have allowed you to improve your dance techniques.

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