Comfortable with Uncomfortable

We know you’re up to any challenge that comes your way. But how comfortable are you with being uncomfortable – the key for risk-taking and realizing your full potential?

Whether it’s starting a new business, sealing a big deal or climbing the corporate ladder, if you’re never uncomfortable, you’re not growing. That’s the lesson Jen Groover, inventor of the Butler Bag, learned from her mother and passes on to women entrepreneurs in her new book, What If? and Why Not? “If you never stress your muscles, you never get stronger. Face a fear, and you’re never the same person again. You’re stronger and more confident.” The secrets to being comfortable with uncomfortable? Just do it. “Try one thing that stretches your comfort zone every day, even something simple like making a call you’re anxious about. Instead of thinking, ‘What if I fail?’ imagine, ‘What if I succeed?’”

Need inspiration? Lu Ann Cahn, a reporter for NBC Philadelphia, will try one new thing every day in 2010 blog about it. So far in her “One Year of Firsts, ” she’s gone a whole day without coffee and another without saying anything negative.

Are you outside your comfort zone? Stop second guessing yourself, keep your can-do attitude and remember that feeling scared or frustrated is normal, says Excelle.

Want more? ADD MORE ing TO YOUR LIFE encourages you to embrace the attitude of progress, not perfection and when in doubt, “dust yourself off, lift yourself up and keep on climbing.”

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is
because we do not dare that they are difficult.” Seneca

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