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Picture this: You’re leaning back in your plush chair in that corner office, having a friendly chat with your company’s most important client, eating chocolate out of the secret stash you keep in your fancy new desk. Want to stand out so you can get that promotion and the salary to go with it? Executive MBA (EMBA) graduates enjoy 40-60 percent salary hikes.

“At Forté, we have seen a steady increase in the number of women enrolling at top business schools—a 10% increase since 2005,” says Elissa Ellis Sangster, Executive Director of the Forté Foundation. Why? “Business schools have done a better job in tailoring their program’s curriculum offerings to appeal to women’s career interests and objectives.”

Women’s enrollment in full-time MBA programs (MBA OR EMBA?) has been climbing for the last four years. Twenty-two MBA program have reached the 35 percent threshold of women in class. But they want more. They want you!

Thinking about joining their ranks?

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So how do you pay for that continued education? The Wall Street Journal, Divine Caroline and PINK share strategies – from loans, to sponsorships, to company reimbursements.

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“A good education is another name for happinesst.” Ann Plato, Essays

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