Are You A ‘Fixer Upper?’ Careers For You…

If you enjoy fixing things, resolving issues where you see them, and enjoying the best feeling of satisfaction a job has to offer, then it could be a career in solving issues could be for you. You must be thinking that this sounds very general, but please bear with us in this regard. Providing solutions can be found in any job role yes, as the definition of a task is that it must be solved or completed in order for it to be correctly set aside and moved on from.

However, in this article we mean the tasks that truly organize some difference in a life, a business or a situation. For example, if you are a plumber, your daily life involved fixing whole hygienic systems for a home. There’s plenty of nobility in that, and it causes change in terms of a happy and long living properties capability. We have listed below a few careers that could cause a widespread and important improving of the world around your actions if you decide to embark upon these paths. For those who enjoy making a difference, these careers could certainly be for you.

Conservation efforts with wildlife and the landscape are very important. You might be cultivated public parks for people to enjoy (especially important in huge cities such as New York, as Central Park provides a respite for many people,) or maintaining the local wildlife reserves. It could be that you engage in state-sanctioned hunting, such as in states where the overpopulation of Elk could lead to some truly unbalanced issues later down the road.

There’s almost nothing more satisfying that tailoring the natural landscape to fit the positive goals that you or your business/charity have set out, as it’s what we are arguably most set to do as humans in any capacity. We have been altering and residing in the natural environment for thousands of years, and so getting back in touch with nature and fixing up her very many permutations for the good of the society around you can be a conservationist dream without rival.

Counseling & Therapy
Counseling and therapy serve slightly different purposes, but one is not necessarily better or worse than the other. After all, the nuance of social dynamics, neuroticisms and the need for healing are very noble goals to solve. They can sometimes be seen as puzzles, as the human being is a complex conundrum to figure out. To compare online m.a. degrees in counseling, achieve your qualification and begin work will soon indicate to you that you are part diplomat, part intimate confidant, part scientist and part artist in how you approach your job. Drawing on a wide array of professional tools to literally unwind the years of neglect or difficulty a person might have experienced, or a relationship might have felt can define you as a healer with superbly pragmatic skills.

Therapy is also distinguished along these same lines. Working in this requires a deft ear, one able to read between the lines and observe with clarity the difficulties a select person might be experiencing and struggling with. Counselling and therapy mean a lot for the overall health of a person’s lifetime. This butterfly effect of positivity could potentially yield phenomenal results down the road, something to be truly proud of.

Who knows if the efforts you lay down here could help someone become a great mother or father years down the line? It might seem like you’re presenting a set of pragmatic solutions today, but in that process you could have seriously redeemed the life of someone otherwise self-condemned. Providing that role of course comes with a stringent list of responsibilities, but the potential to help is so vast that if you’re a nuanced problem solver, the mere challenge is enticing and can yield the most job satisfaction anyone on the planet can feel.

There are many forms of editor. From publishing editors to video editors to composition editors, if you enjoy taking the work of someone else and optimizing it to meet specific standards, or to make the whole piece sing even louder than it might have originally done, editing could work for you. You are almost a form of salaried or commissioned consultant here, as you will have the final say over how a project is to be received, for better or worse. If you develop your efforts here well, you might attain a long list of achievements that helped push the world into a place of optimization. This can be profoundly satisfying for your personality type.


With these tips, you’ll find that there are many suitable careers for ‘fixer-uppers.’ We hope one resides in this article.


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