How To Turn A Love Of Writing Into A Career

Have you kept a journal for as long as you can remember? Do you have a passion for creative writing or blogging? Is writing a hobby, which you’d love to turn into a career? If so, these handy hints could help you to secure your dream job and your financial future.

Career options. Writing can open all kinds of doors. Here are just some of the options you could consider if you’re looking for a new job or a change of career.

Marketing and advertising. Can you create persuasive, engaging copy until the cows come home? Are you capable of putting a spin on the most mundane text to make it appealing to the masses? Are you interested in reaching out to a target market, and getting new services and products out there? If so a job in marketing and advertising could be right up your street. Look out for entry-level opportunities if you have limited experience. If you’ve been blogging and using social media for a while, you may be able to aim for a more senior position. You can join a marketing agency or a company with a marketing department.

Blogging. Blogging is big business these days, and if you go about it the right way, it can be very lucrative. The key to successful blogging is attracting new readers and maintaining the interest of existing users. You may wish to cover specific areas of interests, such as health or fashion. Or you may prefer a more generalized approach, such as a travel and lifestyle blog. If you want to generate more interest in your blog, it’s a good idea to use social media platforms. With the Internet, you can reach out to thousands, even millions of people within seconds. Update your blog on a regular basis and use feedback from users to identify hot topics.

Creative writing and authorship. Do you dream of writing a novel or a book of short stories? If you do, why not take the relevant steps to make this a reality. Write down pearls of wisdom and bolts of inspiration. Think about how your ideas could formulate a captivating tale. Consider the style and the target market. Are you writing a summer vacation best-seller for the beach? Or a gripping crime novel? Once you’ve got some firm ideas and a draft of the first few chapters, get in touch with some agents and publishing houses.

If you’re creative, but you don’t fancy the idea of writing your own book, joining the editorial team of a magazine may be an appealing option.

Writing academic pieces. Do you have specific interests? Are you good at researching, planning and writing essays? Have you got a degree? If you’re looking to make money with your writing talents, why not sign up for an PayForEssay? You can choose which assignments you take on, and you could make a lot of money in a short space of time. There is a broad spectrum of subjects, and you can choose from shorter essays or longer dissertations. The more you write and the higher the level of expertise, the more you’ll earn.

Bid writing. Are you able to use facts and figures to answer questions and sell a particular service or company? Could you convert a page of written notes into a compelling, concise response? Bid writing is a service used by firms and organizations all over the world. The aim is to secure a new contract or hold onto an existing agreement. Your response will have to stand out from the crowd and highlight the strengths of the company you are representing. There are many different types of bid writing opportunities. You can choose a field, which suits your educational background. If you have a degree in social care, for example, bid writing for a care provider would be a good fit. If you know a lot about transport, you could join an engineering firm and tailor their next bid for a rail contract.

Getting your name out there. Writing opportunities are abundant, but the demand is very high. Lots of people enjoy writing and would ideally like to use their skills to earn a wage. For any given job, you may find that you come up against numerous other candidates.

Looking for a job? If you’re looking to secure a new job, make sure your resume is up to date. Always bear in mind that employers may have a stack of papers to get through. If your resume doesn’t make you shine, your name’s likely to end up on a pile of rejections. No matter how confident you are when it comes to interviews, if your resume doesn’t cut it, you may never get to the interview stage. Try to make your resume compact. Include your educational qualifications and your most recent employment details. Don’t ramble on or include unnecessary information.

Often, it can pay to start from the bottom and work your way up. Look out for work placements and internships. You may have to do mundane jobs for a minimal wage for a while, but it could provide with an opportunity to climb the ladder. Work experience is particularly valuable if you’re looking to work for a magazine or a publishing house, for example. Opportunities are few and far between, and competition is incredibly fierce.

Generating interest in a book or blog. If you’re writing a book, make sure you have sound ideas on paper before you start trying to get agents or publishers on board. Remember that the people you meet will see aspiring authors all day, every day. You need to offer something different and encourage them to have confidence in you and your book.

If you’re hoping to launch your blog to the next level, utilize the power of the Internet. Get people talking on social media and use the latest SEO techniques to bring people to your site. Choose topics carefully and add visuals to make your pages more appealing and accessible.

If you’re eager to turn your passion for writing into a career, take these handy hints on board. Your dream job could be just around the corner.

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