How to Translate Your Skills into Gainful Employment

Believe it or not, you have valuable skills, knowledge, and experience. Though the current job market may feel very disheartening at the moment, the reality is that capable professionals can find ways to translate their unique abilities into gainful employment. Whether you’re looking to find a new job, land a promotion, or expand your current position, here are five effective ways to use your skillset to make more money:

Don’t Sell Yourself Short
Always make it a point to include all of your relevant skills and experience on any resume or document that you send to a potential employer. Some people may struggle with advertising themselves in this way. Yet, it’s crucial to let business leaders know what you’re capable of achieving. Share your accomplishments, awards, and prior positive experiences.

Find New Opportunities
Some skills have numerous applications. For instance, talented writers can be employed to write blog copy; or edit email campaigns; or critique advertising content. Odds are, you have a skill that you’re not using to the fullest in your current position. As such, don’t wait for your boss to recognize that you have more to give. Instead, find new opportunities to excel and volunteer to tackle new tasks when they arise. Plus, showing initiative in this manner is one of the best ways to get your boss’s attention –– for a good reason.

Build & Expand
Let’s say that you’re a web design expert. A web designer on their own can be useful to many businesses, but a web designer who can also write custom code is even more valued on the open market. Never pass up an opportunity to pick up related skills and best practices. The best professionals are constantly learning new things and experimenting. Do this, and you’ll never struggle to find work for long.

Get Up & Go
Some professionals enjoy more success after they move to a city or region that’s closely aligned with their industry of choice. True, remote employment has made it easier to find lucrative freelance jobs, but it may be beneficial to consider a change of scenery if you feel you could achieve more elsewhere.

Stay Sharp
Of course, the key to maintaining your most important skills is to practice them all the time. Just as a mechanic should always strive to learn about new devices like the Ford Raptor exhaust system, so too should employees in all fields take on assignments that challenge them. You’ll never improve if you’re too comfortable. So be willing to push yourself from time to time in order to ensure you grow as a person and as a professional. 

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