Inspire Employees

Sure, you can lead. But can you inspire?

Only 45 percent of employees are satisfied with their jobs, according to a new study by the Conference Board. 2009 was rough, and the lack of confidence many now feel in their organizations and leaders could be a critical blow – unless you can (and you can!) inspire confidence and excitement about the future in your team.

“Leaders weren’t ready for the rapid changes and didn’t prepare the workforce to adapt,” explains Alaina Love, co-author of The Purpose Linked Organization. But we are now! “We know to anticipate what might come next and build flexibility and stamina among workers. Leaders must inspire confidence and create empowering visions for the future.”

Love lists 10 traits of inspiring leaders – and a system for evaluating yourself. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Authentic rather than phony. “The words, actions and beliefs of inspirational leaders are consistent. They’re not pretending to be someone they’re not.”

Anchored rather than disconnected. “These leaders are well-positioned in the flow of the business and the organization’s culture and clued in to contemporary trends and issues.”

Able to foster other leaders rather than demanding followers. “They spend a significant chunk of time grooming and developing even better leaders than themselves.”

Bonus PINK Link: Consistency is key, says Love. Here’s why being reliable, rather than erratic, will boost morale.

“We must become the change we want to see.”

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