Freedom from E-Mail

Sure, e-mail has made communication so much easier, but does it make our lives better? The average inbox receives 625 e-mails every day – 10 times that number for many busy career women (you know who you are)! Let’s face it: e-mail is getting a little out of control.

Ready to take your power back?

We spend 40 percent of our day checking e-mail, according to The Tyranny of Email: The Four Thousand Year Journey to Your Inbox. Are the devices that were supposed to provide more balance, now making us unavailable to family and friends?

Less is more. Some experts suggest dealing with the incoming stream by better managing junk notes and batching work with a process to empty the inbox.

The author of 4-Hour Workweek gives several suggestions for minimizing message overflow, like setting up an auto-responder that indicates you will be checking e-mail twice per day or less.

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By Bethany Bengston

“Diamonds are forever. E-mail comes close.”
June Kronholz

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