Building Your Beautiful Life

Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or in abundance, growing your wealth isn’t just about investing. It requires a positive outlook – envisioning the future you want and creating a path to get there.

That’s the message personal finance expert Marianna Olszewski shares in her new book, Live it, Love it, Earn it. Along with hard money management tips, she offers holistic (and fun) ways to chart your financial future, like:

Create a vision board. Years ago, Olszewski posted pictures from magazines (think – family, a successful business, house on the beach and one in London) on a poster. And she got them all! “My subconscious was creating a space for that reality while my conscious self was eating canned tuna. But your subconscious and conscious can’t be misaligned for long.”

Use cash only. Olszewski still pays cash for everything. “It’s real and makes you conscious of the exchange, where credit cards can breed denial. One in two women will have second-thoughts when they’re counting out bills.” Even if money isn’t an issue, cash attracts wealth. “When you’re carrying money, you feel rich. When you feel rich, you are.”

Use the Worry Circle. “Women worry a lot and that can make us lose focus,” says Olszewski. She writes hers’ (financial, business and personal) in the worry circle. You acknowledge them, then schedule one hour a week to think about them. “They don’t take up space in your mind because they’re on paper.”

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
African Proverb

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