Rebrand Yourself

You’ve cemented your reputation as a great manager and entrepreneur. But with today’s technology, your reputation must transcend the workplace into cyberspace. Now more than ever, having a multifaceted personal brand can help you gain an edge.

Rebranding is all about perception, says Marshawn Evans, Reinvention Strategist and author of SKIRTS in the Boardroom. “The biggest mistake women make is failing to properly assess, prioritize and fully understand the perceptions of others. It can make or break you.”

She says having a strong personal brand is more essential than ever. “For women, it is especially important to define and redefine ourselves in the workplace, the boardroom, or even the corner office – for the lucky ones.”

How to do it? “Cement your presence based on the value you bring so your future is secure,” suggests Evans. Explore what’s most compelling about you to your target market, have a consistent message and make a powerful impression. “Nobody buys vanilla,” according to Times Online; which offers tips on building your brand.

Your online image could eliminate future job opportunities. Seventy-seven percent of recruiters are using Google to pre-screen job candidates, according to a 2006 ExecuNet survey. Avoid posting negative comments in blogs, search yourself monthly and be honest about your qualifications.

Want to stand out? The online ID calculator can help evaluate your online presence.

Bonus PINK Link: Every professional woman needs an online presence. Here are to get started.

Minute Mentor Video: The Foundation President of Score tells how to better market yourself.

By Muriel Vega

“I’m really a standard brand – like Campbell’s tomato soup or
Baker’s chocolate.” Katherine Hepburn

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