Successful Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Career Break

Some women are lucky enough to fall into a career that just works for them. They have the right work and home life balance, they earn a comfortable living, and they actually enjoy what they do. I think it’s definitely a dream to want to get to that stage in your life, but at some point, you need a break from your career where you can gain some perspective about your future. That may happen when you leave education and before your career even starts, or it could be at any stage in your career or adult life. I thought it might be worth sharing some of the successful ways you can make the most out of a career break.

Become an instructor. A great way to utilize a career break is to consider learning some new qualifications. Becoming an instructor and working while you are taking a break from your current career is a great way to obtain some new skills that could prove worthwhile when you return to your job. A Ski Instructor Course Qualification or perhaps learning a new skill like underwater diving or water sports is a great way to spend the year, while learning and doing something worthwhile. Who knows it could open a door for a whole new career path for you.

Volunteer for a charity campaign. You might want to use your career break and do some good in the world. There are some amazing charity campaigns that are running in deprived countries in Africa where you can help with getting water and food to under nourished families or even help build new buildings or schools in less fortunate areas. This kind of career break will certainly help you gain a little perspective on your life, and you may learn to feel gratitude for all the things that are, in fact, going well in your life.

Teach English in a foreign country. A wonderful way to pass on your own skills is to work with children in foreign countries and help teach them English. This could be done by volunteering with a charity or working in private establishments in many different countries like Spain or France. Teaching could provide invaluable skills like patience and understanding which could serve you well when you return to your career.

Have an experience of a lifetime. You don’t need to spend your career break working or learning new skills, you may just want to use the time to enjoy life and see the world. After all, at some point in your life, you may want to settle down and start a family. Or perhaps get to a point in your career where a break away just wouldn’t be beneficial. So use the time to see places far away like Australia, or consider backpacking around Asia.

Work in a different country. Finally, working in a different country is a great way to learn some new skills and direction. Each country has it’s own work culture and what you learn could be of great use to you when you return to your career.

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