Summer Fun at Work

When outside temperatures rise, employee morale can drop. And that can cause defensive attitudes, apathy and frustration in the office, studies show.

Want to take the sting out of being cooped up in a cubicle while longing for sunny outings and family vacations?

“It’s better to embrace the summer months with fun activities inside the work environment,” says Barbara Bradford, commercial leadership COE at The Coca-Cola Company.

She banished summer blues by hiring an ice cream truck to come to the office as a treat for her team.

“I have organized [baseball] outings, bowling events and an “Amazing Race” where teams [were sent] to grocery stores to clean shelves,” says Bradford.

Other fun activities she organized included getting employees to answer a history quiz at The World of Coca-Cola and distributing Coca-Cola beverages to thirsty students at a local college.

On days that don’t involve important client meetings, experts suggest scheduling a summer casual dress day. Sandals, shorts and summer dresses will help workers feel summery instead of buttoned-up and tied down.

“These activities are a fun distraction from our everyday responsibilities but also bring the team together,” Bradford adds. “They provide memories, laughter and a chance to build relationships.”

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What does your office do to improve morale? and let us know!

By Christy Rogers

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.”
Betty Bender

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