The Five Hottest Digital Skills That Will Get You Employed

Digital skills are becoming more highly sought after by employers as the world continues to become more computer-reliant. Here are five of the hottest skills worth learning if you want to improve your employ-ability.

Web programming. Being able to build and design a website is a valuable skill. Every business needs a website and whilst there are free and simple web-builder platforms out there such as WordPress, the demand for coded-from-scratch websites is still high as companies want something more unique and professional. To build a website, you’ll need to learn JavaScript, which is the main programming language, along with some web fundamentals such as HTML and CSS. There are lots of courses in these programming languages that could help you to learn the ropes as well as online software tools and even books.

App development. Another useful skill involving programming is app development. Apps are becoming more popular and there’s a shortage of people that are able to build them – learning to code apps could be certain to secure you a career. HTML5 and Objective-C are the main app programming languages and there are similarly lots of courses available in which you can get to grips with these languages. On top of app development, you could also consider learning general software development skills.

Data science. Data analytics (or data science as it commonly known) is a means of using huge amounts of data to spot trends and improve businesses. It could involve calculating risk for an insurance company or cutting wastage for a supermarket by finding out exactly which products sell and which don’t. Software such as Alytrex is commonly used by data scientists – you can find Alytrex training courses online. Data analytics is an ideal skill to learn for people with a love of problem solving and a talent for math and science.

Social media marketing. Modern companies have been realizing the potential of social media as a marketing medium. Having a strong following is becoming more important for company’s reputations. Companies are also discovering new ways of creating leads through promotional posts and social media adverts. If you’re social media savvy, it could be worth pursuing this as a career. There are plenty of social media marketing workshops that you can take to help learn professional skills related to social media.

Digital design. Those that are artistically minded could also consider learning some skills in digital design. This is a broad field that includes everything from designing logos to creating animated adverts. There are plenty of courses that you can take in digital design whether its learning to use Photoshop or learning to use 3D product design tools – once you’ve developed the technical skills you can let your creativity run wild.

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