On behalf of the entire PINK team, we want to wish you VERY HAPPY HEALTHY HOLIDAYS!

We are so thankful to you since we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing, for nearly 20 years now, without your passion to grow and positively impact the world around you, while having the courage to create a more beautiful career and a beautiful life. This wouldn’t be possible if weren’t for the support and wisdom you have gleaned and shared over the years.

Here are a few highlights since many of you have asked what we’re up to now.

POP UP DINNER at the new Nobu Atlanta! We recently brought together some of America’s top women business leaders to network and connect at the brand new Nobu Atlanta restaurant and Hotel. Details and photos HERE.

THE Recent 18th ANNUAL FALL WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT EVENT drew nearly 500 women influencers live and via livestream to watch our amazing speakers. Here’s the recap, photo gallery and The Video. There were some fireworks, think women not supporting women, as well as salary transparency and more. Hoping to see you the Signature Spring Event! 

PINK Power Alliance – Just this week we did a deep dive with emerging women leaders from top companies and a few thought leader speakers focusing on Intentionality at Work and Beyond as we head into the holidays and the New Year! More on that, and useful tools, coming soon. Plus, we’re set for the coming year with fantastic topics for these developmental zoominars to support your high potential women. CLICK to sign up your most valuable women now! 

We hope each of you can say, “2023 is the year for me!”

With gratitude and best wishes for a wonderful time with people you love.

Cynthia & the Pink team


Come Alive with 3 Easy Steps!

“Gosh, this year flew by fast” – that’s a phrase you hear often as we get into the last few weeks of the year. For kids, a year seems to take forever but as we grow older the perception of time speeding up seems almost real. 

What thoughts come to mind as you reflect on the year? Your answer may show how satisfied you are with your life. My hope is that you’re beaming and feel excited about the many experiences you’ve had so far, be it evenings of laughter with friends, a school performance with your child, a vacation with the family, a new skill learned, moments of reflection and revelations, and the feeling that you are living, loving, and maybe even making a difference in someone’s life.

If you shrug at this list wondering on what planet I live on please keep reading. If it’s not excitement, what thoughts come to your mind? “I’m getting old,” “same old, same old” or some other expression of indifference?

That’s a sign that you’re going through life without a clear direction. You wake up every morning and go through the same routine every day, and nothing ever changes.

The trick to coming alive is to take control of your life rather than allowing the rest of the world control it for you.

So, unless you plan the type of experiences you want, everyone else will fill in every waking minute of your day with their needs. I’m not proposing you ignore everyone else. What I am proposing is, becoming clear about what you want, why you want it, and create a plan to do it. Okay let’s break this down…. 

STEP 1: Ask yourself ‘what feelings do you want to experience more often?’

Are you looking to feel more JOY? Love? A sense of achievement or maybe adventure? How about the feelings of romance, serenity, hope, awe, or amusement? Or is it a feeling of being proud of who you are? Select the top 2-3 emotions that you want to nurture to experience more of in your life.

STEP 2: Brainstorm how you can create those feelings in your life

Take a large notepad and pen or your tablet, move to a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted (try looking outside or being in nature for inspiration) and let the pen fly. All ideas are welcomed. No filter. No judgment. 

Start by looking into your past. When did you experience these emotions in your childhood, when you were single, before kids? But maybe it’s a new experience you want to have. Allow your ideas to flow without restriction. 

Remember that often the magic is in the small things. Think of ways you can produce that emotion in, let’s say, less than a minute, or in 10 minutes, or an hour, or a day. Then consider how to create that feeling when you’re by yourself, with friends, with family, with strangers…yes, strangers. Let me offer a few examples:

STEP 3: Discover what brings you JOY:

Things that will help you feel connected:

  • Call a friend every week and tell him/her that you love them and why they are so special to you…that will put a smile on their and your face.
  • Go to a dance class or have your own dance party in your living room.
  • Go to the comedy club.
  • Thank someone for something they did.
  • Play board games with your family.
  • Garden, play an instrument, or pursue another passion of yours.
  • Sign up for a class (painting, photography, cooking…).

Things that may give you a sense of adventure:

  • Get in the car on a sunny Sunday afternoon and drive without knowing where you are going.
  • Sign up for a subscription box – each month you get a box full of surprises.
  • Sit in a completely different spot in church or at the café, and commit to having a conversation with one of the people sitting around you.
  • Book a trip without booking your hotels to see where you end up.
  • Go go-cart driving or climb a mountain. 

Okay, one more. This is fun!

Things that may make you feel proud of yourself:

  • Go to a senior citizen home and talk to whoever is looking for company. 
  • Take 10 $10 bills out of the bank and commit to supporting 10 different people in need or 10 different causes before the month is over. 
  • Book that long weekend get-away that you’ve been pushing off.
  • Engage in an encouraging conversation with someone who is different from you…the girl at the bus station with 3 nose rings or the ‘odd mom’ of your daughter’s classmate. You never know what you’ll learn. 

It’s not a huge, expensive, time commitment we’re talking about. Then just do it!

“Living life JOYfully is about creating small moments of the experiences you want every day.”
 – Hanni Berger


 By Hanni Berger, CEO JOYVIAL


JOYVIAL is a network of professional health coaches who help executives live their healthiest, most JOYful life. Hanni is offering the PINK community the chance to schedule a free discovery session. You can also follow JOYVIAL on social media FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter for your daily dose of health and JOY.

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