Write a Killer Press Release

Few things can match the joy of finally completing a project you’ve been working on for ages. So, what’s the next step? Letting the world know – with a press release.

But what differentiates a blockbuster press release from one that goes practically unnoticed? How can you write one that will stand out and help build your brand?

“You have to spend time looking at outlets you want to gain coverage in and develop an understanding of what and how they write, then present your piece in that context,” Sarah Skerik, VP of Social media at PR Newswire, tells PINK. Skerik also suggests avoiding things like boring or lengthy headlines, pointless words and phrases like “game-changing” and covering too many topics in one release.

Use descriptive headlines, keep your audience in mind instead of your client, be brief and avoid jargon and buzzwords, says BadLanguage.net, which offers 62 ways to improve your press release.

Inverted pyramids are not just for journalists anymore: use this style of writing that places the most important info at the top and descends from there to get your point across faster. The first paragraph should include the what, where, why and who – all of the vital information. The next few paragraphs should include more detail and supporting info.

Before sending out your final draft, check for errors, include your contact information and save your organization’s background for the end, suggests Senterline.

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By Muriel vega

“In business, you get what you want by giving other people what they want.” 
Alice Macdougall

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