10 Ways to Turn your Flower Girl into a Mini Fashionista

If you’re like many of the busy business women who follow PINK, and recently got engaged… most of the time, if not the majority, you’re thinking: How can I plan a wedding, still have a life, and work at the same time? Yet, we know you will get it all accomplished, especially when you team up with the right help. However, there are details that seem to be forgotten, for example the smallest member of your wedding party. And because we love supporting you, and every woman, regardless of size, we’ve got you covered. If your flower girl has a big personality and a budding love of style, and you have a wedding that accommodates something other than the traditional white flower girl dresses, then why not let her have some real fun? Your flower girl can be decked out in stylish finds that will make her day and make your wedding stand out!

Here are 10 Ways to turn your Flower Girl into a Mini Fashionista:

  1. Fascinators

If it’s good enough for the Royals, we’ll bet it’s good enough for your flower girl! Fascinators are a fun, affordable way to add some drama to your flower girl outfit. Choose a fascinator that compliments your wedding colors to tie it into your décor.

  1. Jewelry

What little girl doesn’t love jewelry? Amp up your flower girl’s style with a dash of sparkle by allowing her a statement necklace or bracelets, or even earrings if she has her ears pierced.

  1. Colors

Don’t be afraid of a little color! JJ’s House designer Jessica suggests brides look at other colors for their flower girl dresses and see how they would fit in their weddings. Pastels are especially flattering for young girls.

  1. Hair

While your flower girl may be a little young for makeup, it’s never too early for her to get her hair done. Let your flower girl feel like a grownup in cascading curls or an updo. If she wants to explore her look a bit more, you could even offer her some temporary hair coloring that will wash out in a few days.

  1. Shoes

While girl’s formal shoes are often the classic, black patent Mary Jane’s, you can definitely go outside the box with this one and make your flower girl stand out. Go for flashy sequins in any color of the rainbow, or for pearl embellished flats, or even for T-strap flats with stud detailing. You’ll be amazed at the types of shoes out there for little girls!

  1. The Dress

While the standard white dress won’t be hard to find, don’t hesitate to see what else is on offer. Go for a 1920s flapper-inspired dress, or a dress with a shoulder embellishment of deep burgundy flowers, or even a color-blocked dress.

  1. Cover-ups

If your wedding is in the colder months, you’ll probably want an option for your flower girl to cover up so she can keep warm.  Get creative and offer her something other than a cardigan. Whether a lace topper, a velvet wrap, or a fur cape, you can dress up your flower girl’s means of staying warm.

  1. Fabric

While chiffon or satin are common fabrics for flower girl dresses, don’t be afraid to branch out. If you’re having a winter wedding, look at more luxurious fabrics like crushed velvet. If you’re having a summer wedding, consider looking at lace flower girl dresses. Lace can be a very versatile fabric that works for any season!

  1. Gloves

Add a little drama to your flower girl’s outfit by having her wear long gloves and channel the flapper look! This is especially cute in the fall months.

  1. Belt

Many flower girl dresses are accented with adorable belts, but you can use your flower girl’s belt to get exceptionally creative. Sequins, diamante, or contrast colors are all ways you can make your flower girl dress pop.

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