All Dolled Up

We know makeup can be a career booster, but where is the happy median?

Fake eyelashes were once reserved for on-screen actresses. Today, many women incorporate them into their workday lives. But, unnaturally long eyelashes and this season’s neon pink lipstick trend don’t exactly match up with typical, conservative corporate protocol.

(Some companies still require women to wear pantyhose for goodness sake!)

However, like hair, makeup does have the potential to distract.

Stylist Nicole Busch says, “Makeup should highlight your assets. It shouldn’t be a mask.”

In fact, a 2011 study reveals that while women who wear makeup are perceived as more competent, there is a limit. The most heavily made up faces were thought to be less trustworthy by male and female respondents.

Her tips for professional women who need to appear put together, strong, confident – authoritative yet approachable?

“A dewy, fresh face with a focal point is best,” says Busch. “It can be playing up your eyes or lips – but not both.”

She recommends a tinted moisturizer or light foundation over heavy, full cover-ups; a neutral eye shadow and light mascara.

Busch also suggests a subtle shine on the lip and slightly flushed looking cheeks.

Moderation is more.

Highlight your best feature, “and remember you’re at work,” says Busch. “You want to be recognized for your talent, not makeup.”

And, if you decide to try out some of the wilder trends, editor and media manager Jill Jacinto advises a weekend test run.

“I’ve seen more red lipstick on mugs, teeth and cheeks than on the lips themselves,” says Jacinto. “Test it out and then wear it with confidence.”

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Are you the office Barbie?

By L. Nicole Williams

Nicole is the Editor at Little PINK Book. Follow her on Twitter @iamnicwill.

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