Friends & Favors

You’re good to the people in your personal and professional network, the one everyone can count on. But do you get as much as you give? Probably not – unless you ask.

“Women are often afraid to ask for favors, worried that it would be like taking advantage of a personal relationship,” explains Andrea Marquez, manager of inclusion and strategic partnerships at Burger King Corporation. “But women like to help each other, especially friends.”

So how do you ask without feeling guilty?

Business Management Daily suggests you avoid sheer compliments when asking for favors.

Realize the answer might be “no,” and try not to take it personally, says

Want to increase the odds they’ll say yes? Springer Science + Business Media suggests talking into their right ear – they are more likely to perform a task, according to a recent study.

Asking a favor from your boss? Associated Content advises waiting for the right time (hint: when she’s not stressed and busy!) 

Asking for a lead on a job? How to Work a Room: Your Essential Guide to Savvy Socializing helps you establish your presence  from active listening and being an avid news reader to the right humor to use.

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Your network could be a great asset. Here’s how to leverage your contacts to increase your net worth.

By Caroline Cox

“The person who receives the most favors is the one who knows
how to return them.” Anonymous

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