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“I am an American living in Vienna, Austria. A women in business myself, I decided to google “women in business” and I found littlepinkbook.com! I was excited and impressed with what I found. These articles were exactly what I was looking for…short, encouraging notes for women in business. So thank you for helping an American all the way over in Austria!” Lauren Napier [via email]

“I discovered Little Pink Book only yesterday and already I can tell how important a resource it will be for me, as a young career woman and as someone who is extremely interested in learning how to lead a successful and fulfilling life. Your interview with Laura Hillenbrand provided so many jumping-off points for inspiration; I have re-read it twice already. I would like to make a career change in the not too distant future and this interview is food for thought.” Anonymous on Laura Hillenbrand – Bestselling Author Profile

“Many of the stories on your site have helped me immensely, and many in fact have played a part in inspiring me to make the change I am now, which I could not be more excited about.” Emily Leefe

“This article just made me cry! It is inspiring and wonderful and I just feel so much for her and the kids.” Anonymous on Changing the World — From a Walk-In Closet

“I just came across your website today via a post on LinkedIn and wanted to tell you all that you’re doing great job! I love the whole concept, layout and feel of the site. Plus I think it’s the perfect addition to the modern-day working gal’s day.” Adela [via email]

“[Sports are] the answer to good health as we age. I am 81 and a downhill skier and have already purchased a season pass for next year. Also, I practice yoga, tai chi, power walking and swim laps in the summer. I weight the same as I did in 1948 and feel great. Life is good!” Dee Doyle, Fresno, CA on Trends: Women and Sports

“Great information and very timely for me! I am working with a firm next week to develop a series of press releases for a variety of projects and now I have a frame of reference. Thank you and keep up the good work.” Bev on Write a Killer Press Release

“I think true greatness is characterized by humility and a desire to serve others!” Anonymous on What Does It Take to be Great?

“Thank you for this! As a Business and Life Coach who often ‘teaches’ clients how to network, these are great tips for anyone looking to expand their business or get a new job.” Bevin Lynch on How NOT to Network

“As an American living in Sweden, a country at the forefront of sustainability, it is great and inspiring to see that the US is increasing its focus on Sustainability issues, and that organizations like PINK are helping to make this more mainstream in companies, and recognizing female leadership.” Elaine Weidman Grunewald, VP of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson, on Savoring Sustainability

“I just began a position that was higher up, in management, and I was (and still am) a little inundated by fear of failure… Stepping into this new position was breaking out of a comfort zone, and I know my fear of failure is a step in the right direction because at one point, it will become second nature. Thanks for this article, Pink! Exactly what I needed to read. :)” Devika on Escape the Comfort Zone

“I’m excited to see what gems you’re going to drop into my Inbox everyday at work. Your articles are spot-on. As women, we’re always striving to be better—thanks for keeping it real.” D. Rene on Being Good Enough

“I absolutely ADORE little pink book and I am so appreciative of your mission.” Anonymous on Get Mentored Like A Man

“Great feature… really useable information. I looked at almost every blog and subscribed to several and followed them on Twitter. Thanks Little PINK Book!” Caitlin on Top 10 Business Blogs for Women

“Sometimes we need just a little reminder on how to get back to even ground…Remember who we are, why we’re so great and what value we bring to the table. You just provided a very important exercise…. remain calm, regroup and charge forward with confidence. A huge ‘Thank You!'” Anonymous on What’s Your True Value? 

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