Five Out-of-Date Fashion Rules That Are Okay to Break

Here at PINK, we don’t like being told what we can’t do and fashion is no exception. It’s 2018 and women are dominating  the workforce and breaking age-old ceilings. It’s time we put a moratorium on a few workplace fashion rules from our grandmas’ youth. Here are five fashion rules you can throw to the wind.

  1. Business Means Boring

It’s a common misconception that women need to stick to neutral tones to be taken seriously in the professional world. PINK took some serious heat in our early years for promoting the color pink! A women wrote in saying, “I save pink for the lining of my navy blue suit.” Sure, beige, navy and black can  look très chic–but so can yellow, pink, green, etc. It’s all in how you wear it. Jadore Fashion shows how you can keep bright colors tasteful by pairing them with clean lines.

  1. Professional Means Masculine

Gone are the days where being professional meant hiding the fact that you are a woman behind shoulder pads and boxy blazers. Now, as we continue to crack the glass ceiling, feminine fashion is getting bolder. It’s okay to rock the floral prints and feminine fits. Just keep hemlines and necklines appropriate like Glam Radar does here.

  1. Never Wear Black and Navy Together

Forget what you’ve heard about mixing black and navy. Since they’re both neutral colors, it’s totally fine. Color blocking using these two colors is particularly flattering. The dark tones of both can make an outfit extra chic. Styleoholic shows how pairing a navy blazer with black pants can look fabulous and work-ready.

  1.     Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

It seems like  nobody follows this rule anymore. Why? Because white in winter is just too fabulous! There’s no reason to reserve lighter colors exclusively for summer. Be.Daze.Live models how a white sweater can help shake the winter blues from your wardrobe here.  

  1.     Always Match Your Shoes, Bag and Belt

There was a time when it was a major faux pas if all your accessories did not match perfectly. Now, it is okay to mix colors, textures and patterns. It makes getting dressed a lot more fun! Check out Putting Me Together for some serious fashion inspiration on mixing it up with accessories.

“Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself, and yet identifiable to others.” –Anna Wintour

By Elia Essen

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