How to Find the Perfect Headhunter in China for Your Business

China has long been known for its manufacturing capacity and is expanding into both resource extraction and services. China is a rapidly growing economy and home to 1.4 billion people, which is one of the many reasons why firms are choosing to relocate or grow here.

However, their success is dependent on bringing in the right people at the right time. This is where recruiters and headhunters come in. Let’s learn why you need to use a headhunter before we share how to find the perfect headhunter in China for your business.

Why You Need to Use a Chinese Headhunter

You could bring your own employees to China. However, few will choose to relocate to China. Furthermore, hiring locally is cheaper, as you don’t have to arrange travel for domestic talent. Better yet, local employees are more familiar with Chinese culture and its nuances.

There are two main options for hiring Chinese employees. Foreign companies cannot directly hire Chinese citizens and must set up a legal entity in China to do so. This Chinese business entity would then hire Chinese nationals. However, this isn’t an option if your company is in a sector where China prohibits foreign investment. It is also a time-consuming process that can be very expensive.

The other option is working with a recruitment agency in China. They can find qualified talent and handle the administrative overhead for you. The challenge is knowing what to look for in Chinese recruitment agencies. Let’s cover a few of the most important factors to consider.


When you’re searching for a recruitment team, you want to find one with both relevant experience and expertise. You can find a headhunter who specializes in technical talent or manufacturing labor. Others might be generalists. It’s important to know what their specialization is from the get go to make sure that they can access the right pool of talent and evaluate it properly.

Find someone who knows how to find the right type of people for the positions you need to fill. You also want to work with established companies that aren’t popping up to take advantage of your inexperience or simply don’t have experience working with foreign firms. The solution is to find companies with years of experience working with international companies.

PEO Services

PEO services are professional employer organization services, and this is something you should be looking for in a headhunter in China. Recruitment firms that offer PEO services can handle any and all human resources tasks and can negotiate salaries and draft contracts for you.

You can find a headhunter in China like New Horizons that can do everything from supporting local searches to handling employee onboarding. They can administer employee payroll and will serve as the employer of record for the contract labor. They can also help you find technical support staff, skilled manufacturing assemblers and electrical engineers.

A side benefit of having a recruiter that offers PEO services is that it will speed up the process of moving new hires to full-time employees. They’ll administer benefits and manage employees for you, too.


An extensive search process and multiple interviews may not be enough. Your new hire may not work out or might quit to work somewhere else. It is expensive to hire a replacement, and the process is even more challenging when you’re dealing with a foreign office. The best headhunting agencies provide some sort of guarantee about how long the person will stay and how they’ll make up for it if the person leaves.

Your business success depends on having the right people in place in time for growth to happen. Find a good recruitment agency to find the right talent as quickly as possible.

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