Mind Games: Psychological Tricks To Be Strong In The Workplace

As a woman in the working world, you need to do everything in your power to get ahead. Like it or not, it is easier for men than women. Men demand power from the moment they enter the workplace, which often leaves women sidelined. To compete you need to change your approach to the workplace. You are just as valid as any man in there. As such, you need to show the people within your office that you mean business. Being meek and hiding away may be easier than standing up and speaking out, but it won’t get you anywhere at all.

There are a few ways that you can influence people when talking to them in the office environment. Doing so will mean that you are in control of all your communications when you are at work. You can change the way people see you within the office by appearing strong. By showing them that you are a serious contender for promotions and the like, you ensure that they don’t overlook you. Here are some psychological tricks that will help you to appear strong in the workplace.

  1. Remember everybody’s names (and use them)

When entering a new workplace, you need to act fast. When your boss introduces you to the team, make a point of memorizing everybody’s name. When you are talking to individuals in the group, use their name as you talk. Doing so will endear you to people who might otherwise dislike you just because you are new. The same goes for details of their life. People love it when you show an interest in them. If somebody tells you something about themselves, make a mental note and use it in conversation later. For example, if your colleague tells you that she used to study sociology in college, remember that fact. Later, when the two of you are talking, say, “Oh, I’m sure you learnt all about this topic when you studied sociology.” The fact that you have remembered personal details about your colleague means that he or she will like you and trust you.

  1. When you meet, people give them a firm handshake

The first time you meet someone give them a firm handshake. People judge you on the type of handshake you give them and, if you get it wrong, people will assume that you are weak. A weak handshake makes a weak person. Make sure that your palms are warm and that you are firm. Look the person in the eye as you shake their hand and smile. The message you are sending out here is that you are not a shy and retiring type, you are confident and ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

  1. Be strong in your opinions, but tell people why

You will get nowhere in life if you don’t have opinions. Right or wrong, you need to make some serious decisions in the workplace. When you are trying to get a point across, explain your reasons for your opinion. Doing so shows that you have thought the opinion through and that you’re not just speaking for the sake of it. Take some time to explain why you feel how you do and be clear in your thoughts. Nobody likes it when people are forceful, but don’t back up their argument.

  1. Focus the attention on others and flatter them

In a meeting scenario, you should focus your attention on the most powerful person in the room. When they speak, you should be holding their eye contact. Doing so sends them unconscious signals that you are hanging on their every word. You should flatter the person, but not in an obvious way. Repeat ideas they have had or said in different words. By paraphrasing their ideas, you are flattering their intellect, which is sure to go down well with your boss. The worst thing that you can do is to be too flattering in a meeting situation, though as this may lose you friends within the office.

  1. Never correct people when they are talking

When someone is talking and makes a mistake, you should never correct them. It is human nature to correct others, especially when you know better. The problem is that we are all human, and people hate to it when others point out their mistakes. Even if you are right, you can lose a lot of influence over people when you correct them. Worse still, if you correct them in front of others, a person is likely to hold a grudge as you will have made them look stupid. When someone makes a mistake, just say nothing.

  1. When you’re making a point, nod at the other person

When you are trying to persuade someone about something, you should nod your head whilst speaking. The person you are talking to will unconsciously begin to nod their head too, which will make them think that they agree with you. Don’t make the nod obvious. Instead, nod in a subtle way, as though you are considering the point too, when in fact you’ve already made up your mind.

  1. Sit close to your enemies

If there is someone in the office who does not like you then, sit close to them whenever you can. It may sound insane, but in doing so you will make a person feel closer to you in a figurative sense. When we are in near others in a literal sense, we begin to empathize with them more than we otherwise would.

  1. Tell people what they want to hear

At the end of the day, we all think we are right. Like it or not, the ego plays a huge role in whether people like you or not. When you are talking to someone, you should tell them what they want to hear about themselves. For example, if a person thinks that they are intelligent then, affirm this fact to them. If they think that they are good looking, suggest that they are to them. By being the one who affirms the person’s image to them, you will ensure that they trust and like you.

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