More Fun, More Money?

Ever wonder why happy people seem so successful? Why they always appear so put together.

Studies show that those who enjoy their jobs are more likely to reap benefits in their overall finances as well as other aspects of their life.

Here are four ways enjoying your job helps you save your hard-earned money:

Less stress, more productivity.
People who enjoy their jobs are less likely to have stress in their day-to-day lives. Sure, some stress can actually make you more productive at work and may people work better under pressure but being stressed out all the time will eventually have a negative impact on your job performance.  Productive employees look forward to their days, make work count and generally have a positive outlook when it comes to other areas in their life.

Less time off.
An employee who enjoys his or her job is less likely to take time off, either for a “mental health day” or for sickness.  Their priority is their work and getting stuff done which helps them save their sick time and any costs related to illnesses.

Increased job security.
Employees who are passionate about their jobs are not only productive but, as a result, are making a difference in their roles and organizations.  They’re happy and their managers are happy with the work they’re producing, increasing their job security.

Attract opportunities.
Another financial benefit of being passionate about work is the likelihood of attracting other opportunities.  Promotions, bonuses and even new job offers are likely to fall in your lap when you’re great at what you do and are thoroughly enjoying it.

What do you do to keep work fun? Tell us!

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By Angelica Sereda

“Never be afraid to sit a while and think.” Lorraine Hansberry

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