The New Dress Code

NCR’s marketing chief Susan Johnson is in the market for a new pair of jeans. In fact she may even wear an ear cuff to work.

The switch to “business casual” is part of a fundamental shift at the 128-year-old global technology solutions and software company.


NCR is reinventing its brand and Johnson wants to make sure that’s clear on every level.

“People may remember NCR as ‘national cash register’ but now, under the guidance of our CEO, Bill Nuti, we’re a global technology leader offering full solutions; software, hardware and services across multiple industries.”

Today, NCR makes it possible for people to order at a restaurant, purchase movie tickets online, and check-in at an airport using your mobile boarding pass.

Johnson wants the changes reflected behind the scenes too.

“As a leading software company we need to be cutting-edge and creative – more vibrant,” says Johnson. She adds that many of the company’s 26,000 employees are enthusiastically making the adjustment.

Johnson says her own style has become less conservative over the years as she’s gained confidence and moved up the corporate ranks.

“Masculine suits used to mean a position of power in the corporate world. There was only one way to view things when I started,” she explains.

But today, the woman who has held leadership roles at Nokia and Apple, and is a married mother of two, sports long hair and a feminine but professional blue-and-white (Diane Von Furstenberg) wrap dress.

“My advice to young women is don’t wait to fully look and act yourself at work. Who you are and how you express yourself is an important part of what makes you successful.”

Now Johnson has her sights on a pair of Lucky jeans. “Maybe you’ll spot me wearing these and a new ear cuff in June,” she says with a smile.

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Has your office dress code changed?

By Cynthia Good

“Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.” Adriana Lima

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