Old Marketing Tricks That Still Work Wonders

Lately, it seems that businesses and customers are obsessed with new forms of marketing. Viral marketing is a prime example. Whenever a movie is released a website goes up and the viral marketing campaign begins. In hollywood, you often see this take the form of pretending the movie is real. For instance, the website that counted down the days until Jurassic World opened. It’s a clever idea for sure and certainly effective. But do all businesses need to use these high concept promotional ideas? Or, are the older tricks enough to pique consumer interest? We think some marketing ideas are still effective today. Here are some of the ones you might not want to overlook for your business promotion.

Fliers are an easy way to spread the word that a new business is opening. It’s particularly useful when you’re trying to appeal to a local target audience. You might think that the high street is dead. But it wouldn’t be if more shops put effort into their marketing campaign. Don’t forget that a flier promotion can be connected to social networking campaign or even guerilla marketing. You can get your marketing staff doing more than just handing out fliers on the streets. Instead, they can engage the customer and get them to want to visit the shop being advertised.

Billboards And Chalk Boards
Say what you will about sandwich boards and chalk boards but they can still grab customer interest. If you want to get passers by into your pub off the streets just set up a few pub chalk board signs. Write an interesting message on it and watch as customers pour into your establishment. Be creative and it’s one of the cheapest most effective marketing tactics you could employ.

Then there are billboards to consider. Believe it or not, renting a billboard is probably a lot cheaper than your average internet marketing campaign. It can also be more effective, particularly if you are looking for local demand. It’s almost impossible not to pick up the message of an eye catching billboard on your way home from work. There’s a reason you still see ads plastered on bus stations and on the side of the highways. They work!

TV And Radio
In the marketing industry you will constantly hear how TV and radio ads are outdated, overpriced and overrated. But is this true? For the most part yes. TV and radio ads are expensive and if you’re running a small company you’re probably not going to have the funds to spend. So perhaps this is an example where the marketing concept hasn’t died, it’s simply adapted. You can get the same effect of radio and TV marketing making podcasts and video ads online. This isn’t a new form of marketing, it’s just a different model of the same idea. One that is cheaper for smaller businesses and just as effective as the previous format.  

Looking at this way then it seems that old marketing tricks are still as effective as ever. With the right campaign they could make your business a huge hit.

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