Real Business Ideas For Wanderlusters

Millennials interrupted the working world with their frankly forward-thinking attitudes about what work should be. The idea of lifelong careers sat in the same cubicle with the same view didn’t appeal to them. They wanted to work jobs that would let them embrace certain freedoms and flexibilities, instead of being tied down. And rightly so.

But it isn’t just the employee perspective that changed. Business leaders and entrepreneurs suddenly found themselves craving for a life less tied down and ideas that would make these former pipedreams a reality.

Well, with these business ideas, you can pack your bags in some way or another and enjoy working from different places (and don’t worry, we’re not going to mention travel blogger; these are real ideas):

Events Excite Us
A massive part of making it in event management is travelling. It’s going to and fro to find the right venue, the perfect location and the most feasible spots for whatever the event in question is. It could be a festival, a wedding, a street party, a fundraising event, anything. Find success and you might find yourself travelling for half the year.

Haulage Can Be Heavenly
It may not sound like the most glamorous gig in the world, but if you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug then hitting the road in a second-hand Primemover you bought from Truck Dealers Australia or somewhere is a great way to enjoy the open road. The secret is to specialize in a niche that takes you on different routes. It could be transporting stage props for theater productions, film equipment for movies, or cars for dealers. For us, anything that involves wide stretches of highway and endless landscapes is heavenly, so to make money doing it is mega.

Immersive Instructors
It doesn’t matter whether you pick something snow-based like skiing or snowing or a sun-chasing activity like sailing or surfing, going down the instructor route is a surefire way to skip around the globe six months at a time, chasing the seasons that suit you. It could be the French Alps one winter, Canada the next, Austria after that and New Zealand beyond that or, if you’re a beach lover, it just becomes picking any number of coastlines to apply your trade.

Catering Can Be Crazy
People are looking for caterers that have global experience, that can bring the tastes of a faraway place to their event, which means you only need a website packed-full of your experience and creations to become a popular choice. You could even set up Supper Clubs and residencies well ahead of time so that you have your year ahead planned out and paying customers already paid up. When you start, you may stay within your region or state, but as you get better known and your social media following grows, you might find your brand becomes highly sought-after and then, well, the world is your oyster.

Management Consultancy
For those that can’t resist the thrill of business and get a thrill from solving problems, maximizing growth and boosting a business’ overall performance, business consultancy is the answer because businesses the world over will pay for someone to visit them if they can turn their fortunes around.

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