Save Money -€“ Painlessly

So you spent a little more than you planned over the holidays… again. But it’s a New Year now, and you’ve rededicated yourself to saving – for emergencies, retirement or that new ride that would make your commute so much more enticing.

While women have been cutting expenses more than men over the last year, we’re still not as engaged in financial planning, says Donna M. Winn, president and CEO of OFI Private Investments, a subsidiary of OppenheimerFunds. “Women are juggling a lot – kids, personal lives, work and home. And when you’re juggling, you’re more focused on what is happening now rather than tomorrow – on the urgent vs. the important.”

Here’s how to save big in 2010.

Having trouble getting started? It’s all in your head … literally. Personal finance expert, Jean Chatzky, explains why we’re hard-wired to spend – and how to overcome it.

How much you save has little to do with how much you earn, says MSN. Here are some basic and radical ways to trim your daily expenses – like bartering, haggling and never paying full price.

Reader’s Digest, the Federal Trade Commission and iVillage suggest ways to save on specific items – from insurance to furniture to food.

PINK Profile: In our exclusive interview with Winn, she shares her personal financial strategies for the New Year.

Bonus PINK Link: PINK Editor Cynthia Good shares her 10 financial resolutions for 2010.

“The individual most accountable for your future financial welfare, is
the one you see in the mirror today.” Kemberly Wardlaw

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