Who Wears the Pants?

Women didn’t wear pants until the 1920’s.

Fortunately, today’s woman can easily keep cool this summer with classy cropped pants.

Dubbed ‘cigarette’ pants for their slim fit, these chic trousers can be dressed up for the office, or dressed down for weekends on the boardwalk.

How can you pull off this look in the corporate world? Stylist Anna Katsanis is here to help: “Opt for a longer blazer to balance out the cropped pants.” A tailored blazer that fits your body type pairs nicely.

Katsanis suggests working with your body’s proportions. Women with a small bust can complement cropped pants with a fuller blouse. For women with a larger bust, a satin camisole paired with a light cardigan and a belted waist, keeps things balanced.

One of the hottest trends this summer is color-blocking. Take advantage of this look with a stand-out pant, paired with a kelly green top and canary accessories – if you dare.

Ballet flats and kitten heels work well with cropped pants, says Katsanis. They accentuate the leg even further.

But for corporate environments, stylist Alexandra Evjen advises to proceed with caution. While some industries have a relaxed dress code during the summer, dress down within reason.

“A fitted blazer, a tailored blouse with darts, and a great necklace and heels can transform any look into appropriate chic office attire,” says Katsanis. “Just make sure your jacket matches your pants, regardless of length.”

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Do you have a pair of pants for work?

By Molly Daly

“I like being a woman. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.”
Whitney Houston

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