Does a Professional Woman Really Need a Lingerie Styling? YES!

Did you know?

The majority of your support comes from your bra band: Most women tighten their straps as far as they can go in hopes to provide more lift. However, only a small portion of the support comes from the straps. Most of the lift, support and stabilization of your bra comes from a band that fits comfortable but snug and sits level to the front of the bra.

Lace, seamed bras provide more support: Most women think of lace as very delicate and easy to rip. However, a good quality lace will actually last longer and provide more support and direction to your breast tissue. For every stitch is a point of strength. No woman needs to compromise beauty for support. You can have both!

You should never wear the same bra two days in a row: Every woman tends to pick a favorite bra and wears it everyday until it no longer provides support. Building a lingerie wardrobe is important, ideally having 7-10 bras in rotation. If you wear one bra one day, you should let it rest for 24 hours to help keep the elastics from stretching as quickly. This will help extend the life and support of your bra.

Your favorite laundry detergent can be damaging your bra: Many detergents, such as Woolite,are meant to be used on natural fibers such as cotton or wools. On synthetic fibers, such as your bras, you want to be careful. We suggest using a lingerie specific wash. Try Stretch, a lingerie wash that contains an odor eliminating ingredient, which is also great for sportwear!

Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists London, our fav destination for lingerie, (they) offers an exceptional, premium service called Lingerie Styling. They realize that every woman’s body, style and life are unique, so they tailor her lingerie to fit her individual needs. Whether it’s going on vacation, getting married, or becoming a first time mom, they want to find what suits your needs and lifestyle the best. At Rigby & Peller, their mission is for every woman to look and feel the very best version of herself and the results are often life changing.

Lingerie is normally the last thing we think about but the first piece we put on. We believe that lingerie is the first layer of confidence; that great style is achieved through combining a woman’s figure with her personality. That’s why when you visit the R&P Boutiques, you are matched with a Lingerie Stylists, whose singular mission is to determine your best style by getting to know the real you.

There are so many different bra sizes and styles on the market that the average woman typically ends up with a bra that doesn’t fit and causes discomfort. At Rigby & Peller, they deliver a unique experience, delivered by highly trained Lingerie Stylists with the expertise to find what fits, feels comfortable and suits the needs of every client. We at PINK love that they pride themselves on three brand truths:

Collections: They offer beautiful, premium pieces for every woman, curated from around the world. Only the very best pieces will be found within their Boutiques.

Service: They have highly trained Lingerie Stylists with expertise to tailor fit and style the needs of every woman. The experience of styling is just as special as their pieces.

Environment: Their Boutiques are a retreat… They are one of the most trusted and luxurious destinations in the world.

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world.” —Miuccia Prada

By Candice Smith, Styling Manager, Atlanta, Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylist London

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