Healthy Skin, Healthy Career

Your face may not have launched a thousand ships, but it’s inspired more than a swoon or two – and a few big business deals. But are you taking the proper steps to avoid premature aging or worse – skin cancer?

In honor of the Senate’s latest tax on tanning beds, we talked to Susan Posnick, a 20-year celebrity makeup artist who knew a lot about skincare – but still got skin cancer. “I’ve always worn moisturizer with sunscreen because I’m very fair, but SPF isn’t enough,” says Posnick.

Her best tips after a decade of research? “Use a face and body moisturizer that contains sunscreen, and apply a sunless tanner to get the look without the damage. I really like the gradual daily ones that build a realistic looking tan.”

Here’s how to nurture your gorgeous dermas: tests your knowledge of skin cancer and explains your risk, like how you should take more precautions if you’re fair-skinned or spend a lot of time outdoors.

The Skin Cancer Foundation offers insight on everything from facial resurfacing treatments that protect aging skin, to makeup that offers an SPF, to eye protection that shields you from harmful rays.

Want more on keeping your visage healthy? Check out Simple Skin Beauty for straightforward info about how there are no skin types and how you should protect your skin daily. (And for African American women, we like Caring for the Skin You’re In, written by beauty experts at Essence Magazine.)

Bonus PINK Link: Posnick shares her biggest business mistake, plus makeup tips for ladies on the go.

By Danielle Jackson

“The secret of health for both mind and body is to live in
the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Buddha

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