How To Wear Jewelry To Work Without Causing A Stir

When you’re a working woman dressing to impress is essential. It’s not all about looking beautiful, like you’re ready for a night out. It’s about looking professional and put-together. Choosing your jewelry for your work outfit is just as important as your dress or business suit. Like your clothes, your work jewelry shouldn’t be too flashy or too casual. In some workplaces, too much jewelry, or even any at all, may be inappropriate or outright banned. You should think carefully about the jewelry you choose to wear. This should be both in terms of your outfit and whether it’s appropriate for your workplace.

Know the Rules
Before wearing jewelry to work, make sure you know the rules. There might be a ‘no jewelry’ policy in your office, or you might not have permission to wear certain types of jewelry. Some workplaces may ask that you don’t wear anything with religious or political symbolism. In other places, wearing some types of jewelry could be dangerous. Don’t get caught out wearing something you shouldn’t because you weren’t aware of what’s allowed. Even if there are no official rules, you should be able to gauge the atmosphere and ethos of your workplace. If it’s a conservative environment, you know not to be too showy. If your office is smart-casual, you can afford to be a bit more daring.

Don’t Go Overboard
Unless you work for a fashion magazine, it’s unlikely to be appropriate to wear earrings, a necklace, an arm full of bangles, a watch and a brooch. If you’re not sure whether you’ve gone over the top, a good tip is to remove one item of jewelry before leaving for work. For some offices, just one piece of jewelry might be enough, and any more will be overkill.

Wear One Item
If you limit yourself to one item, make it count. Choose big and bold statement pieces to make your outfit pop. That way it doesn’t look like there’s anything missing from your outfit. In a more conservative office, go with a classy pair of earrings. You could also choose a statement ring. Try Whiteflash for diamond rings in Houston. There you’ll find a ring that really pops without being unprofessional. Bold necklaces are great too, for bringing your outfit together.

Keep It Subtle
If you do choose to wear several pieces, don’t choose a number of big and bold items. There’ll be too much going on, and your jewelry will become distracting, both from your outfit and the work environment. Choose simpler pieces if you plan to wear both a necklace and earrings, rather than more complicated items that are warring for attention. Try to see your jewelry as a few finishing touches to compliment your outfit, not as embellishments to take it to the next level.

There are also a few small things you can remember when choosing your jewelry. Don’t wear anything that makes a lot of noise, like clicking bracelets. But do wear a watch, which shows that you’re punctual and responsible.

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