Netiquette: Manners & Technology

Holding the door for a coworker, saying “please,” standing up when introduced to a new client: these examples of manners can make you look professional. But what about rules of etiquette when it comes to phones and the web?

“To make a great impression in business, use technology to help you, rather than letting it control you,” Anna Post, author, etiquette expert at The Emily Post Institute (and great-great granddaughter of Emily Post), tells PINK. “Technology is a powerful tool in building relationships, but it can be hurtful or helpful, depending on use.”

Her top tips for proper mobile and “netiquette?” “Give clients and colleagues your full attention, which means not checking email on your phone every 15 minutes,” advises Post. She adds that, even when sending a text, it’s wise to

use tightened-up language so it’s more like a letter than a conversation.

Want more? Experts say etiquette has a place in social media, too – from your avatar (not a logo if it’s a personal account) and friend requesting (it’s OK to “follow” the competition) to disclosure and promoting (on Twitter, leave enough space in your post for retweets.)

Business Email Etiquette breaks down your most well-mannered business email – like a short subject, using “Reply All” with discretion and not replying to old email conversations with a new subject.

Bonus PINK Link: If your Smartphone is your constant companion, here’s how to measure your BlackBerry etiquette.

By Caroline Cox

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.” Emily Post

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