Fashionably Organized

You’re a busy woman. And keeping up with life’s daily changes can get difficult. So it’s no surprise, that your agenda planner is your best friend. Sure, you pride yourself on being polished and exuding professional competence. But your inner fashionista shudders every time you see your plain, black agenda.

“An agenda planner is a great way to reflect your professional and fashionable side,” says Hellen Buttigieg, certified professional organizer and owner of We Organize U. “There are lots of ways to make an agenda planner or organizer functional and fashionable. You can choose bold colors, prints, or even textures. It’s not just how it looks but how it makes you feel because you’ll be looking at it all day.”

A few ideas:

“Neutrals are boring, so try choosing a color that pops. It’ll be really easy to find under all your important papers.” Keeping up with this season trend, go red! We love these: Marcella Croc Snap, Season’s Winterberry Red and Ghibli Red Python.

Stand out with a little customizing. “Personalization is a way to add your very own touch to an agenda without plastering your name on it.” Engrave your Book offers beautiful options.

Perfect for the jet-setter, Per Annum agendas offer city specific planners. Although simple, these chic planners provide handy references for more than 3,000 area specific listings. And if you like to travel light but in style, try Whomi Hidden Agenda Wallets.

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By Artesia Peluso

“Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.”
Pearl S.

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