Originality the Maité Way

Miami-based designer Maité Fuentes brings new and refreshing jewelry designs that inspire self-expression and evoke a renewed sense of sensuality and elegance; without losing one’s sense of fun. With a passion for perfection, Maité’s designs are hand crafted with high-quality materials including gold filled, sterling silver, precious, and semi-precious stones. Made by hand means every piece is unique in its own way, and yes some pieces will only be made once and will not be repeated. We can vouch her designs allow her customers to express themselves through the art they wear.

Little PINK Book

Wrap bracelet with bronzite stones, diamond charms, diamond sphere, and personalized silver charm. Custom piece designed to fit a client’s wrist, length of this piece is 32 inches long; $764.

“Bronzite stones are beneficial to use when making plans for the future because they alleviate indecision and doubt. Bronzite is also believed to be effective against curses or ill wishes. I like using good luck symbols because accessorizing should make us happy and remind us of staying positive,” says designer Maité Fuentes.

Little PINK Book

Precious and semiprecious stone necklace/wrap bracelet with a personalized gold charm. Length of this piece is 37 inches long as a necklace or can be wrapped six times as a bracelet, custom piece designed to fit a client’s wrist; $600.

“These personalized wraps I like calling Circle of Love, can be made in many different colorful stones that may have meaning to the client,” says Maité Fuentes. For more information visit maitefuentes.com.

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