Ways Mothers Can Be True to Themselves

Celebrity mothers have been vocal for years about the importance of not losing your identity as a wife and mother. While those two roles are essential, there are those personal to women that should matter. Just as with everyone, career, personal growth and a bucket list should not be put secondary to the other roles. While there instances that call for sacrifice, it ought to have an end in sight. Here’s how being true to the inner you and imperfection marry to find a happy balance.

You’ll win some, lose some, and still learning. Perfection is the illusion we chase when we wait for the right time to do things. The other illusion is that all the decisions we make will yield the positive results that we wish it to. Having this awareness shouldn’t make you rush in making decisions, but rather give you the confidence to step out and do something with the recognition that, even when things wrong, it is both a learning experience and a course correction. Don’t let fear of failing at something you’re passionate about hold you back. If it’s meant to be, it’ll bear fruit; if it’s not, it will carry a lesson.

Plan smart. Moving forward requires having a series of plans, and sometimes, anything from A to Z. When you have other persons depending on you, how your choices will affect them should get factored in. An example is when taking up a full-time class or job in becoming a brain injury lawyer to advance your career or give your family a more comfortable life. In such a case, it’s necessary to have pros and cons list, and having a mechanism in place that mitigates most of the challenges that arise.

Do it confidently, even when you have doubts. The truth behind the phrase about believing in yourself so that others can do the same applies to the moves you make as well. When you second-guess yourself, people will be inclined to put more holes into your boat. When you listen for long enough, you’ll eventually quit, asking yourself “what was I thinking?” Being confident about what you’ve stepped out to do set an exceptional example to your children about going after what you want. It also makes you an inspiration to those around you, your spouse included.

Wrap up. Understand that, just as everyone in this life, you’re worthy of getting a shot at happiness. Don’t sell your dreams for less than they are worth, mainly because they are priceless.

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