Office to Elliptical

We know choosing workout attire that is both comfortable and appropriate at a corporate gym can be a bit tricky. And when your gym is within your office building, baggy sweats and suffocating spandex are not an option.

“A loose pair of yoga pants should do the trick,” says Denise Austin, workout guru and author of Denise’s Daily Dozen. She suggests pieces that are primarily black and slightly loose. “What’s most important though, besides a good sports bra, is choosing the right fabric – preferably a lycra-cotton blend. They keep the moisture away and prevent clothes from clinging to your body.”

Want to avoid an awkward meeting between you, a snug pair of tights and your CEO?

Brands like LuluLemon, Lucy and Title Nine design workout wear made of high-tech fabrics that stay dry and are comfortable while you’re working out. Also, get the support needed with Wacoal Sport and their customizable sport bras.

Don’t have the heart to ditch those sweats? Sweatsuits by Bella are specifically made for women who love athletic clothing that’s comfortable, yet stylish.

Need more help with gym etiquette? Wipe the machine after use, always keep a towel handy and don’t carry a conversation between sets, says Socially Smart in 60 Seconds

By Artesia Peluso

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